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Cloud Nodes

Data sharding in the cloud solves the biggest bottleneck of blockchain applications.

Quantum Encryption

The world’s most advanced and future proof encryption that keeps your data safe.

Atomic Chain®

Patented technology for instant transactions supporting multi-currency swaps.

Scalable cloud blockchain

Our indefinitely scalable cloud node network is solving one of the most limiting and long-due issues of the blockchain technology without comprimise.

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Instant data transfer
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Scalable blocks
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Smart layer technology
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Token sale details

Cryptonite transforms access to blockchain technology and enables it to be widely used in real economy. During the token sale period we are offering CRYPT tokens with founder privileges.

ERC 20 standard token

Fully compliant ERC20 token.

Currencies accepted


Total supply

96,000,000 CRYPT

Start date

June 15th, 12:00 UTC

End date

August 15th, 12:00 UTC

Hard cap

20,000,000 USD


Funds raised

of 25,000 ETH

Token sale
is live.
30% bonus.

Distribution of tokens

Token sale
Company reserve
Team tokens

Project timeline

We are a company with vibrant past and the well thought-out plan to build the bright future.

The idea and concept

September 2017 – the idea of project is born. Patent applications are filed, curabitur dignissim, enim sit amet laoreet laoreet, magna mi ultricies nulla, ac luctus turpis neque eget purus. Aliquam pretium sodales dictum.

MVP launch

March 2018 – minimum viable product is presented, donec mass sit amet dolor maximus tempus. Cras convallis lorem elit, id semper vivamus blandit nisl arcu, vel auctor metus euismod quis on the planet ullamcorper velit est tempus.

Global beta testing

July 2018 – worldwide beta access will be open for general public, convallis diam vel tristique. Mauris laoreet sodales leo, id dictum libero tempor eu. Nam velit ligula, iaculis id lectus ac, congue aliquet purus. Molestie commodo sollicitudin.

Paying clients onboarded

November 2018 – platform will begin serving first clients, nam facilisis elit sed metus tincidunt ornare. Morbi pulvinar interdum sapien at convallis. Donec vitae diam non arcu vestibulum dignissim eu posuere convallis leo pellentesque.

Our team

Enthusiasts and professionals working every day to make blockchain industry better.

CEO & Founder

Steven Meyer

Steven is a web engineer with 20 years experience nisi rutrum tempor maecenas suscipit lobortis sed, suscipit sem tempus sed. Donec bibendum metus sem, ac sagittis metus consequat lacinia.


Tanya Fletcher

Tanya is in charge of ongoing operations senectus et netus et malesuada fames ac turpis egestas. Fusce erat libero, lacinia eu justo eget, sagittis lobortis orci nunc interdum dui eu felis congue egestas.

Technical Lead

Blake Rios

Blake is a top ranked congue vitae eros mattis, viverra tristique enim. Nullam faucibus congue odio sed ultricies. Etiam sit amet purus dictum, scelerisque metus nec, vulputate ligula.


Victor Miller

Victor is co-founder of Crypto Capital blandit magna vitae ante finibus congue id sed enim. Proin non leo accumsan sem venenatis auctor. Morbi quis turpis fringilla, suscipit elit quis, facilisis nisl.


Bradford Chandler

Bradford has gained extended experience in ec orci sed justo blandit pharetra nec id urna. Maecenas ac velit vitae est ullamcorper tempus. Nam consectetur quis ipsum eu venenatis.


Chelsea Hansen

Chelsea has been working vestibulum efficitur diam vehicula. Nam ut fringilla leo, sed aliquam sapien. Integer pharetra blandit enim sed egestas. Aenean sagittis eleifend justo eu, feugiat arcu.

Delivered by our team – world’s first scalable, decentralized blockchain cloud network.